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Race Cars For Sale (vintage)

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We found 8 listings posted in 'Race Cars For Sale'. We looked for items having 'vintage' in the title just like you wanted. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
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Riley Daytona Prototype - historic vintage race car!
3 days ago
ID#: 251614917913
Price: $55,900.00      10 bids
3 days 11 hours 53 minutes 13 seconds left.
4 days ago
Shipping: FREE Pickup
Price: $4,500.00 OBO
16 days 14 hours 23 minutes 13 seconds left.
Triumph GT6  Vintage Road Race Car
Posted by 2848crv in Encinitas, CA
6 days ago
Shipping: FREE Pickup
Price: $8,778.00      2 bids
8 hours 5 minutes 14 seconds left.
1970 vintage roadster style midget, Chevy 11 with cross flow head, original cond
vintage roadster midget chevy 11
Posted by leyland76 in Corning, CA
10 hours ago
ID#: 131275195759
Price: $20,000.00 OBO
6 days 13 hours 40 minutes 50 seconds left.
Edmunds style Vintage Super Modified, built in 1972....40 years of history
In ready to race condition.
Posted by rednran in Atascadero, CA
5 days ago
ID#: 231308665815
Price: $11,000.00
1 day 5 hours 57 minutes 18 seconds left.Buy It Now for $13,000.00
1969 Triumph TR-6 Vintage Racer
Posted by garsull in Berwick, PA
2 days ago
ID#: 161398322442
Price: $5,000.00      1 bid
4 days 9 hours 1 minute 57 seconds left.
Mazda RX3 factory supported vintage race car. Former IMSA unmolested, unrestored
10 days ago
ID#: 291214565129
Price: $20,000.00 OBO
10 days 11 hours 41 minutes 22 seconds left.
5 days ago
ID#: 281413830815
Price: $1,400.00
1 day 1 hour 58 minutes 50 seconds left.

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