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Race Cars For Sale (vintage)

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We found 6 listings posted in 'Race Cars For Sale'. We looked for items having 'vintage' in the title just like you wanted. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!
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1929 Ford Model A Doodlebug Tractor Hillclimb SCTA Vintage Rat Hot Rod Race Car
Posted by cub1926 in Phillips, WI
6 hours ago
ID#: 111614384957
Price: $1,500.00
6 days 17 hours 25 minutes 39 seconds left.
1964 Corvette Vintage B/Production Racecar
5 days ago
ID#: 191524682517
Price: $39,999.00 OBO
15 days 8 hours 33 minutes 33 seconds left.
1964 STAPP SPRINT CAR. Restored to 1965 USAC #4. URC. Vintage. Chevy. Halibrand.
3 days ago
ID#: 400875747360
Price: $85,000.00
3 days 17 hours 32 minutes 34 seconds left.
VINTAGE  FORMULA  V ....Bobsy VANGUARD  Vee race car  Project ....  Caldwell D13
11 hours ago
ID#: 151610346619
Price: $2,850.00
6 days 12 hours 37 minutes 37 seconds left.
Posted by peallens in Dundee, IL
15 days ago
ID#: 181670670013
Price: $16,900.00
5 days 10 hours 12 minutes 5 seconds left.
4 days ago
ID#: 301486581624
Price: $28,000.00 OBO
2 days 17 hours 19 minutes 6 seconds left.

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